Charlie Buttrey

August 30, 2019

I believe this story is behind a pay-wall, so you’ll just have to trust me on it.

Sue is in deep trouble.

In the small town of Barnet, just a few exits north of me, Billy Noyes has found himself in a bit of hot water because Sue keeps causing trouble.

Noyes got Sue when she was only a 250-pound pig, with the intention of butchering her but, he explains, “she’s such a good girl, like a dog. The whole family has fallen in love with her.”

Sue, whom Noyes calls a “free-range” pig, and who now tips the scales at over 400 pounds, has been the subject of numerous complaints from neighbors as she has evidently been roaming the neighborhood, talking walks on U.S. Route 5 and eating a neighbor’s rabbit food. The Selectboard has fined Noyes $150 for violating the town’s Animal Control Ordinance.

Noyes’s troubles may soon be over. He has contacted a butcher even though, he says, “nobody really wants to butcher her.”

If so, th-th-th-that’s all, folks!

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