Losing a loved one is the most difficult human experience. When that loss was preventable, the pain can be even worse.

If someone is killed due to negligence, our laws provide that his or her estate is entitled to recover damages for the life that was lost. There is, of course, no way to measure the value of human life. And every single one of the dozens of families that Charlie has represented in wrongful death actions would gladly give up everything they obtained in compensation for just one more day with their loved one. But money is, sadly, the only compensation available.

If you have lost a loved one due to negligence, whether on the roads, at work, on the water or in the care of another person, you will draw solace in knowing that Charlie has decades of experience in representing families such as yours. His clients are comforted by the energy with which he pursues their claims, and the compassion with which he treats them.

Our motivation was not to make money on our son’s death – it was make sure that nothing like that ever happened to another family. Charlie worked so tirelessly and with such care and such genuine concern for us. In the end, we were so grateful for all he did for us.
L.K., Lebanon, NH


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