Charlie Buttrey

November 9, 2020

The Ocean Township, NJ home of 89-year-old Glen Kristi Goldenthal, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, was recently put up for tax sale due to an outstanding property tax bill from 2019.

The amount she owed? Six cents.

Thankfully, her daughter paid off the balance (which had grown to a whopping $300 with penalties and interest), and a local legislator is contemplating introducing a bill to establish thresholds for the amount an outstanding tax delinquency has to be before a town can foreclose on the property.

Meanwhile, Florida real estate agent Kristen Kearney has a different problem: She has been inundated with interest in a condo she listed in Lake Worth after photos of the $100,000 property (and its Budweiser beer can decor) went viral. The previous owner, who is now deceased, made it “his life’s mission to wallpaper his home in beer cans.”  It appears he succeeded.  For a look at the inside of the dwelling, click here.

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