Charlie Buttrey

September 12, 2021

Thanks to a regular reader of the blog for this one.

A study conducted by Pro Publica and the New York Times Magazine examined how six factors—heat, wet bulb temperatures, sea level rise, crop yield, fires, and economic damage—will combined to impact people and economies as climate change advances. You can click here to see a synopsis of the report at The study concluded that one region of the country looks to be in better condition to deal with the ravages of climate change: the Northeast.

In fact, of the ten counties across the country deemed to be at the lowest level of risk, five are in Vermont, two are in Maine and one is in New York (the other two are in Colorado).

And of those five counties in Vermont, one of the them is Orange County, where I have resided since the early 1980’s.

I wasn’t planning on moving anyway.

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