Charlie Buttrey

January 25, 2021

On a slow day in the blogosphere, how about a few trivia tidbits to tide you over?  To wit:

– Benjamin Franklin never proposed the turkey as the national bird.

– Babe Ruth was just 26 years old when he broke baseball’s career home run record. The record? 139.

– The ten tallest mountain peaks in the United States are all in Alaska.

– On March 1, 2010, Topeka, Kansas unofficially changed its name to Google, Kansas for one day in an effort to be a site for a test of Google’s ultra-high-speed broadband network.

– On April 1, 2010, Google unofficially changed its name to Topeka for one day.

– The city that ultimate was chosen to be the site of the test? Kansas City.

– Stonehenge is arranged to align with the sunset on the winter solstice, and the sunrise on the summer solstice.

– Nigel Richards won the 2015 French-language World Scrabble Championships. He doesn’t speak French.

– Ronald Reagan’s first inauguration was the warmest January inauguration on record, when it was 55 degrees. His second inauguration was the coldest ever, at a mere 7 degrees.

– Joe Biden is the first President to be have been born before his four immediate predecessors. (Reagan was older than Carter, Ford and Nixon, but was born after Johnson).


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