Charlie Buttrey

January 25, 2020

I happen to read a lot.  I subscribe to four daily papers, a weekly paper, three weekly magazines and three monthly magazines, and I am currently reading three books.

So when the most recent edition of Sports Illustrated arrived in today’s mail, I was conflicted about the news that the magazine, some 66 years since it first began publication, is hereafter going to be issued once a month rather than weekly.

This change almost certainly reflects the challenges that the print medium in general faces in the wake of a massive shift to digital journalism in the past deacade. At the same time, however, it means that Sports Illustrated can focus on longer, more substantive, pieces, rather getting by on the fluff that has appeared frequently on its pages.

And it means that I can be a little more deliberate in reading it.  I gotta tell ya — finding the time to finish one New Yorker before the next one appears can be a challenge at times.


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