Charlie Buttrey

February 3, 2020

O.J. Simpson is back in court. This time, though, he is the plaintiff.

Simpson has sued the Cosmopolitan casino in his adopted hometown of Las Vegas for, um, damaging his reputation by banning him for being drunk and disruptive.

I am not making this up.

Citing, among other things, the civil verdict in which Simpson was found responsible for the deaths of his former wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, as well as his conviction for armed robbery (for which he is still on parole after a lengthy prison sentence), attorneys for the casino have suggested that it would be hard to damage his reputation.

Simpson is seeking $30,000, plus punitive damages. That won’t make a dent in the civil judgment he is still on the hook for. With the interest that has accrued over the past 20 years, the judgment now exceeds $70 million.

You wonder if his lawyers might want to be a little more selective with their caseload.

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