Charlie Buttrey

October 2o, 2021

When you need to pick a jury for a murder trial Glynn County, GA, you ordinarily need to send notices out to 100-150 potential jurors to show up for jury selection.

This is no ordinary murder trial.

According to this article in U.S. News & World Report, jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday in coastal Georgia in the murder trial of Greg and Travis McMichael, the white father and son who are accused of arming themselves and pursuing Ahmaud Arbery, who happened to be jogging in their neighborhood, in a pickup truck and then shooting him to death. A third man, accused of following the two and filming the homicide with his cell-phone is also going to be tried. Arbery was Black; the three defendants are white.

Ultimately, the court will need to select 16 jurors. Twelve will deliberate, and four will serve as alternates. This being an intensely high-profile case, the court has summonsed 1,000 people in Glynn County to come to the courthouse specifically for this trial.

That means notices went to roughly one out of every 85 residents in the county.

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