Charlie Buttrey

October 8, 2020

I have made a few court appearances via Zoom, and always wear a coat and tie, as I would if I were physically present in the courtroom (though I have blogged about judges who complain that some lawyers have made Zoom court appearances in what looks like pajamas).

And you’d think that parents would treat their children’s on-line school sessions with a similar degree of dignity.

You’d think wrong.

Florida school officials are complaining that parents of children who are learning remotely can be seen smoking pot or drinking in the background of their kids’ Zoom classes. “Sometimes the joints are as big as cigars,” complains Boca Raton Elementary School teacher Edith Pride. Another teacher said that the father of one of her students could be seen “drinking a beer at 11:45 in the morning,” without a shirt on. Other parents have made appearances in bras and underwear.

“This is a school,” Pride reminds us.  “Not a party.”

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