Charlie Buttrey

August 11, 2020

You won’t see me in a movie theater any time soon, but just up the road a piece is the Fairlee Motel and Drive-In, one of only 325 drive-in theaters remaining in the country (down from as many as 4,000 a generation ago), and the only one remaining in the area (down from five — including one with two separate screens — when I first moved here in 1981).

Wal-Mart knows a good thing when they see one. The mega-chain has just announced that it will be sponsoring a “drive-in family movie tour” at 160 Wal-Mart locations across the country through October, featuring everything from “The Karate Kid” to “The Wizard of Oz” to “Cars.” Tickets (which are free) are required in order to limit numbers.

According to the website, the first 20 such showings (in places as disparate as Linden, NJ, Pinellas Park, FL and Houston, TX) are all sold out.

And don’t spend any time worrying about our local theater. The nearest Wal-Mart to be part of the tour is in Pennsylvania.

And I bet our theater has better fries.


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