Charlie Buttrey

August 15, 2019

Here’s some more disturbing news on the climate change front: New Jersey’s average temperature has climbed nearly 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) since 1895, double the average rise of the rest of the continental United States. That number — 2 degrees — “has emerged as a critical threshold for global warming” and indeed the signatories to the 2015 Paris accord agreed that urgent action was needed to keep warming “well below” that level. But along with New Jersey, an analysis of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration temperature data reveals that 71 counties have already crossed the 2-degree mark.

Meanwhile, the entire span of the continent away, lightning recently struck in the Arctic. Thunderstorms require warm air, which is not something you are supposed to see in the Arctic. Yet, according to the National Weather Service, multiple lightning strikes were detected “within 300 miles of the North Pole.” Added the NWS, “This is one of the furthest north lightning strikes in Alaska forecaster memory.”

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