Charlie Buttrey

May 23, 2019

Greetings from San Antonio. Fun trivia question: how many cities can you name that have one, and only one, team from the Big Four sports leagues? My answer below.

Meanwhile, here’s a piece of sobering news. Scientists recently surveyed the remote Cocos Islands in Australia for plastic pollution. They found 414 million pieces of plastic debris. That’s a lot, not to mention that most of it was buried beneath the surface. This means that estimates of worldwide plastic pollution, often based on surveys not peering beneath the surface, could be drastic underestimates.

I’m not sure a ban on plastic drinking straws and grocery bags is going to do the trick.


Trivia answer: If you count the U.S. and Canada, I come up with 20. That includes six Canadian cities that only have an NHL franchise.

They would be: Las Vegas, Green Bay, Vancouver, Calgary, Orlando, Ottawa, Edmonton, Raleigh, Oklahoma City, Memphis, San Diego, Salt Lake City, San Jose, Columbus, Portland, Jacksonville, Winnipeg, Sacramento, Montreal and San Antonio. You don’t even get partial credit for Brooklyn; it’s part of New York City.

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