Charlie Buttrey

September 28, 2020

Iceland and Paraguay are currently the only countries in the world that rely on 100% renewable sources for their energy. Costa Rica, at 99%, is pretty darn close. Who’s next to join that elite group?

How about New Zealand?

The Kiwis already rely on renewable sources for 84% of that country’s energy. In the past few years, New Zealand has planted 100 million trees a year, banned all future offshore oil exploration, and placed a cap on the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer in a bid to protect freshwater from agricultural pollution.

But Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is unsatisfied.

She has promised that, if her Labour Party retains its majority in next month’s elections, all energy generated in the country will come from renewable sources by the year 2030. She makes a fairly obvious point: “Investment in renewable energy is jobs rich. Our plan will create new jobs and develop the high skill workforce our future economy needs to thrive.”

Seems to me that it may be hard to power a 21st-century economy using 19th-century fuels.

Just sayin’.


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