Charlie Buttrey

August 13, 2019

Yesterday, I blogged about Jeff Bezos, who sold 1.6% of his total stake in Amazon for a cool $1.8 billion.

He’s not the only wealthy person doing quite well.

According to this article at the Bloomberg website, the Walmart-owning Walton family has made $100 million a day (or, if you prefer, about $4 million an hour (or, if you prefer, about $70,000 a minute)) in the year since Bloomberg’s previous list of the world’s richest families. The Waltons top that list this year, with wealth of $190.5 billion. The Mars, Koch, Al Saud and Wertheimer (of the Chanel fashion house) families round out a top five. The 25 richest families in the world control $1.4 trillion, a figure which is up nearly a quarter from last year.

According to Wikipedia, Egypt — a country of 95 million people — has a Gross Domestic Product of $1.39 trillion.


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