Charlie Buttrey

October 29, 2020

One of the people most happy that Justice Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed is probably fellow Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Why? Because, per Supreme Court tradition, the least-senior member of the Court must serve on the committee that oversees the Court’s cafeteria. Is it not, apparently, a job that the justices relish. And now Kavanaugh can turn the responsibility over to Justice Barrett.

In his defense, when Kavanaugh was on the committee, he added pizza to the menu (though, despite famously declaring his fondness for beer during his confirmation hearing, alcohol is still unavailable). Prior to that, Justice Kagan added a frozen yogurt machine and, before that, Justice Breyer expanded the salad bar and lobbied for Starbucks coffee.

Justice Alito, who once quipped that “We’re all equal when we’re having lunch,” was particularly pleased with the high praise the cafeteria received for the shrimp bisque and the hummus and broccoli served during his tenure on the committee.

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