Charlie Buttrey

April 5, 2021

It was not exactly welcome news. Los Angeles Angels relief pitcher Ty Buttrey, who teamed up with me to make this fairly hilarious tv spot last year (which got a lot of positive feedback) announced that, at the ripe age of 28, he is leaving baseball.

It appears that the game has simply lost its appeal to him.  As he explained, “As time went on baseball became more of a business and less of a game. I couldn’t help but notice my love and passion for this game started to diminish. I always thought baseball was a cool job. I also knew that same job paid extremely well. What young kid doesn’t want a cool job that pays well?”

Ty received a signing bonus with the Boston Red Sox of $1 million or so as a high school senior, and has earned at least the major league minimum (currently $570,500) during the two-plus years he was in the bigs. He almost certainly could have made a lot more, but he has a decent nest-egg to start his next career with. And, more importantly, he leaves on his own terms. I admire him for what must have been a very difficult decision.  Even if it means I can no longer air that zany commercial.

And I won’t be able to cash in on those field passes he said he’d try to snag for me when the Angels came to Fenway….


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