Charlie Buttrey

January 25, 2021

Considering how hot the real estate market is, this house may already have been sold, but if you’re looking for the ideal family home in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, I may have just the place for you.

Located in Guildhall (the Essex County seat), this charming 2,200-square foot, four-bedroom, two-bathroom cape is listed at just $149,000. And it has a feature that I am sure your house doesn’t have.

A dungeon.

You see, the house served as the Essex County jail — and as the jailer’s residence — until 1969. The prison cells are still located in the basement, and include the barred doors and windows, and rusty toilets and sinks.

I bet you could get the kids to behave themselves in a place like this….

For pictures of the house, click here.

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