Charlie Buttrey

July 11, 2018

On July 1st, the possession of small amounts of marijuana by adults in the privacy of their homes became legal in Vermont.  What is NOT legal is buying or selling it. There is, of course, an easy way around this particular hurdle: sell someone a gumball for $75, and then give him a quarter-ounce of pot as a gift.

It annoys me that the Vermont legislature didn’t bother to set up any sort of mechanism for the regulation of pot or for its taxation.  For one, no pot smoker has any idea how potent the drug that he or she is about to consume might be. Meanwhile, the state treasury is losing out on millions of  dollars in potential revenue.

Meanwhile, after Colorado legalized pot, it reported an increase in driving under the influence of cannabis cases and fatal motor vehicle crashes with cannabis-only positive drivers, while states without legalized marijuana have experienced no significant change in cannabis-related crashes.

I don’t necessarily take issue with legalization. I take issue with the legislature’s half-assed approach.


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