Charlie Buttrey

February 3, 2019

Yesterday, I blogged about a professional poker player who also happens to be a devout Buddhist, who gave away all $671,240 he won in a poker tournament.

Now here’s your chance to do the same. At least on a smaller scale.

Goodbookey is an app that lets you bet on sporting events with your family or friends, and the winner is charity. Once a user has downloaded the free app, he or she can select an upcoming sporting event— be it in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS or NCAA—and invite a friend to wager on the outcome of the game. If accepted, each person picks their team, the two then decide on a wager and they select a charity from a list that has been hand-picked by the GoodBookey team. Whoever loses the bet has to donate their wager to the winner’s charity of choice.

Sure beats simply sending my money directly to my brother….


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