Charlie Buttrey

July 11, 2018

If you want to make people think you’re rich, don’t bother buying a Rolls Royce or a place in the Hamptons.  Soy sauce will do the trick.

According to this paper published by economists at the University of Chicago, certain consumer behavior gives clues as to a person’s wealth. According to their research, in 2016, the top five brands that were indicative of being high income were: (1) owning an iPhone; (2) owning an iPad; (3) using Verizon wireless; (4) owning an Android phone; and (5) using Kikkoman soy sauce.

The top 5 in 2004? (1) using Land O’ Lakes butter; (2) using Kikkoman soy sauce; (3) not using a BIC lighter; (4) using Reynolds Wrap; and (5) using Bertolli cooking oil.

Even in 1992, Kikkoman soy sauce was in the top 10 of such brands, behind such things as Grey Poupon, Kodak film and Scotch tape.




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