Charlie Buttrey

May 2, 2021

Typically, on the day after the Kentucky Derby, I have my metaphorical tail between my metaphorical legs, as I produce a variety of excuses to explain my failure to handicap the race accurately.

This time, no tail, no legs.

As predicted at this very site yesterday, Medina Spirit won the blanket of roses, and paid a handsome $26.20 on a $2 bet as the 12-1 fifth choice in the betting.

Moreover, you may recall that I provided you, gentle reader, with seven horses to watch out for. As it turns out, six of them finished in the top six. You’re welcome. Now check THIS out:

Suppose you wanted to play the “Super High Five” (which requires that you pick the top five finishers in the exact order), and suppose the only information you had were the words of an unknown but esteemed blogger who told you to watch out for seven horses in particular. And suppose you boxed all seven horses in the Super High Five (meaning that if any five of the seven finished in the top five, you would win). Sure, boxing all seven horses would have cost you $2,520.  But you would have won a cool $296,769.60.

Alas, I didn’t do that. But it was a pretty good day nevertheless.

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