Charlie Buttrey

November 24, 2021

The State of Vermont owns and operates 163 snowplows for use on the interstate and other major secondary roads.

Thanks to Vermont’s schoolchildren, each of the snowplows now has its own unique name.

According to a spokesperson at Vermont’s Agency of Transportation, the inspiration for naming snowplows came first from Scotland, where Scots vote public contests to name snowplows, which are known as “gritters” there. (One of last year’s winners: Grit Expectations.)

State officials announced plans for the program in late October. Each school was assigned a snowplow in a maintenance garage close to it and given a blank slate to choose a name. The only guideline was that the names had to be in good case.

The list of names features luminaries of various cultural realms, from music (Jennifer Snowpez) to literature (William Scrape-speare) to Star Wars (Snowbegone Kenobi). At some schools, students opted for the elegant: Students at Hiawatha Elementary School, in Essex Junction, for instances, named their plow Crystal Royalty. In Bomoseen, Castleton Elementary School kids settled on Stardust.

Other students chose to highlight the intimidation factor. In West Burke, fallen snow may soon fall prey to Frosty’s Demise, courtesy of students at Burke Town School. Meanwhile, Snow Destroyer, so named by students at Barre Town School, will protect the residents of Washington County.

Still other plow names are rather enigmatic. Students at Burlington’s Christ the King School decided to name their plow Carl, while Charleston Elementary School students opted for Dorito.

Whatever the name, you can bet that the plow itself will be busy within the next couple of weeks.

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