Charlie Buttrey

January 10, 2019

53-year-old David Aubut of Barre, Vermont had been bothered by a painful knee, and thought it would be a good idea to treat it with CBD oil. For the uninitiated, CBD oil is a non-psychoactive by-product of marijuana, which is now legal in Vermont. According to this article on WebMD, it may have some use in treating a couple of rare forms of childhood epilepsy but, otherwise, its medicinal value is unsubstantiated. Which did not stop Aubut from using it, which he bought at a mall kiosk.

Unfortunately, it ended up costing Aubut the shot at a good job.

Aubut was hired as a second shift machine operator for Vermont Creamery in Barre. Says Aubut, “It had incredible benefits; it was a job you could stay at and retire at, that type of job.” The only remaining hurdle after the company said it wanted to hire him was a pre-employment background test and drug screening. The company — owned by Land O’Lakes in Minnesota — has a zero tolerance policy for drug use.

Unfortunately, in its haste to legalize marijuana in the last session, the Vermont legislature didn’t bother to enact any regulations governing its manufacture or sale. So there is no oversight over CBD products. And the oil that Aubut was using actually had about .3% THC in it.

Not enough to give Aubut a buzz, but enough to disqualify him from the job.

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