Charlie Buttrey

September 23, 2021

The Sentencing Project yesterday released a report analyzing extreme sentences imposed on women in this country (which you can access by clicking here).

The results are not terribly surprising, though they are distressing.


–  One of every 15 women in prison – amounting to more than 6,600 women – is serving a life sentence.

–  Of these, 2,000 women are serving life without parole (LWOP).

–  Another 52 women in the U.S. are awaiting execution, with most of them in California.

–  Since 2008, the number of women serving LWOP has grown by 43 percent.

–  More than four in ten women on death row are people of color.

–  One of every 39 Black women in prison is serving LWOP.

I may not have the solution, but I have a sense of what the problem is.

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