Charlie Buttrey

November 10, 2020

Convicted drug dealer Mike Gielen, 24, met and married his wife in the mixed-gender Hasselt prison in Belgium, where she is being held on suspicion of murdering her ex-boyfriend. Apparently, Gielen concluded that the wheels of justice weren’t turning fast enough for his liking, so he took matters into his own hands.

He hired a helicopter in Antwerp, hijacked the aircraft with a fake gun, and ordered to pilot to fly to Berkendaal women’s prison south of Brussels to free his wife. As inmates cheered and waved below, the pilot circled the prison, trying unsuccessfully to land. Meanwhile, Gielen put his head out of the chopper five times to vomit. Eventually, the chopper flew off, without a successful retrieval of the missus.

But have no fear. The lovebirds may be reunited behind bars. Gielen was arrested (along with several accomplices) within 24 hours. It appears that he’d used his real name to rent the helicopter.

Says his attorney: “It seems the whole thing has been staged quite amateurishly.”

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