Charlie Buttrey

October 26, 2019

Remember that crappy Halloween costume you wore when you were about ten years old, with the mask that had the tiny breath-hole which instantly got all condensed, and the cheap rubber band that was stapled into the plastic that snapped off within 30 seconds of use?

You’re a big kid now. Buy a big-kid costume this Halloween.

The company Full Body Armors sells custom-fit superhero costumes with an attention to detail that is “nothing short of amazing.” Each exosuit, made of a combination of durable plastics and aluminum alloy framework, closely resembles those worn in movies by heroes such as Batman, Iron Man and Deadpool.  You give them your head size, neck circumference, chest circumference, auxiliary arm circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference, thigh circumference, palm width, finger length, calf circumference and shoe size, and they’ll suit you up to look like you just walked off the set of the latest superhero movie. The Iron Man Mark 47 model can even include a motorized mask, a voice changer and an integrated cooling system.

Sure it will cost you $5,000.  But think of all the candy you’ll get.

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