Charlie Buttrey

June 23, 2019

Always nice to share a piece of happy news.

Last summer, 84-year-old Frank Dewhurst noticed a sign in the front yard of his Austin, Texas neighbor, 72-year-old Linda Nall, that said she was seeking a Type-O kidney donor. The average survival period for a 72-year-old on dialysis is about five years, which is also the average wait time in Texas for a kidney from an organ donor.

Dewhurst knocked on the door and said “I’m here to offer you my kidney.”

Dewhurst underwent several months of tests to ensure that he was healthy enough to donate. And he was. And the transplant came just in the nick of time, too: One week before the surgery, both of Nall’s kidneys failed.

Nall has many healthy years ahead of her, and Dewhurst now holds the world record for being the oldest-ever kidney donor.

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